EV Infrastructure Made Easy

GM Envolve works with leading EV infrastructure providers and GM Energy to develop turnkey charging solutions. Setting up your own charging infrastructure is important and could be more cost-effective than public options. See how our programs and preferred providers can help you start building your customized EV charging infrastructure.

GM Energy

GM Energy provides an integrated solution for fleets, combining GM EVs, available mobile apps* and turnkey charging infrastructure. It’s a holistic ecosystem to help simplify charging at your business and to make the transition to electric fleet a smooth one.

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Our Preferred Providers

We work with leading providers for electric vehicle infrastructure. They’re ready with one-stop shop solutions for customized charging infrastructure.

Schneider Electric

The software and services needed to run, maintain and optimize infrastructure for EV charging. 

InCharge Energy™

Providing industry-leading scalable, end-to-end charging infrastructure solutions for dealership electrification, to support vehicle sales.


One of the largest national providers of EV home charging installation services helps simplify the process for your home-based fleet.


One of the nation’s largest public fast-charging networks.

Support for Your Electrification Journey

If you have questions or need guidance before you connect with a charging provider, contact a GM Envolve rep. We can assist you at every step of your electrification journey.

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Here are some examples of what we can help you with:

  • Identify which vehicles in your fleet to switch to EV based on daily miles driven, dwell time and location.
  • Determine where your fleet EVs will charge.
  • Select the turnkey provider that best fits your charging needs.
  • Meet with your selected turnkey provider to determine the plan of action for getting your infrastructure in place.
  • Work with your turnkey provider to execute the installation process.

Energy Solutions

We’re developing innovative energy solutions for the future of business. Put the power in your hands and help create a more resilient grid.

EV Readiness

Getting ready for the EV future today can mean winning in business tomorrow. We’re here to help you make the transition.

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Get in touch with a GM Envolve Account Executive to find the vehicles that work for your business.

Questions? Get in touch.

Get in touch with a GM Envolve Account Executive to find the vehicles that work for your business.