Fleet Tools

In order to make partnering with GM Envolve as easy as possible, we offer innovative tools to help you manage your fleet’s vehicles throughout their entire lifecycle.

For access to Fleet Tools contact our , or call 1-800-353-3867, prompt #7. To purchase access for Techline software (TIS2Web, Service Programming, GDS2 Diagnostics), or you have an active subscription and need your ID reactivated or need password resets for Techline, call 1-800-828-6860, prompt #2.




Qualified Fleet User Signature Form
Required for all fleet accounts

New Vehicle Damage Form
Form to submit for transportation damage

FQV Out-Of-Stock Purchase Agreement
Document used to request fleet Out-of-Stock invoice credits

CAP Out-of-Stock Purchase Agreement
Document used to request CAP Out-of-Stock invoice credits




Tools to support the pre-order stage of fleet purchasing.

Online Order Guide
Dealer Order Guide for standard equipment, packages, optional equipment and technical information.

Global FAN System
Fleet Account Number (FAN) guidelines and eligibility requirements, FAN search, and request a new FAN.

Order Management Reports
Gain access to order-to-delivery reports to help manage your fleet.

GM Pricing
Pricing for GM vehicles.


Tools used in the order stage of fleet purchasing.

Order Workbench
System used by dealers to place vehicle orders; manage inventory; and report vehicle deliveries (sales).

Vehicle Locator
System used to locate GM vehicles for dealer trades and upfits.

Medium Duty Port Inventory
System used to locate and tag Low Cab Forward trucks.


Tools used in the post-order stage.

Business Choice Portal
Provides dealers the ability to submit claims for customer incentives.

Vehicle Order Status
Provide order status on fleet orders.

GM Exchange Reports Mailbox
Provides GM reports created within last 7 days (invoices, warranty, etc.).

BARS Reprint Request
Allows reprinting of GM Billing and Accounts Receivable System.

Special Info Reporting (SIR)
System allows dealers the ability to submit requests for specific vehicles by model and model year. In turn the system allows SVMs the ability to invoice (via BARS) dealers for the requested vehicle.

Fleet/CAP Out-of-Stock Request Application
System used to request fleet & CAP Out-of-Stock invoice credits.




Tools to manage warranty claims, management and requests.

Global Warranty Management
Warranty claim submission and management.

Investigate Vehicle History
Investigate Vehicle History.

GM Exchange Reports Mailbox
Allows users to view their GM reports (invoices, warranty, delivery confirmations, incentive memos, etc.). Primarily for use by business office and management teams.

Delayed Warranty
Document to request delay of warranty start due to upfit timing.

Global Warranty Training Tutorial
Global Warranty Training Tutorial.


Tools to support service techs and service procedures.

Service Manuals / Bulletins (S12000)
Vehicle publications including: service manuals, owner manuals, labor time guides, accessory guides, transmission repair guides, etc.

GM TechLink
Timely information to help increase knowledge about GM products and improve the performance of the service department.

Techline Connect
Access the scan tool (GDS), service programming, and Tech 2 updates.

Calibration ID
Provides technicians the calibration history for programmable controllers based on VIN. To access SPS Calibration, register or sign-in and click on the Resources dropdown.

Center of Learning 
Access GM Envolve Service technical training courses on various General Motors vehicle systems.

GM Global EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog)
Allows parts department personnel to be able to quickly and correctly identify service and accessory parts for vehicles.

Consolidated Billing Programs
The Parts & Service Consolidated Billing Programs provide fleets discounts on parts and vehicle service as well as electronic consolidated invoicing, reporting and more.

Policy & Procedure Manual
Provides Service Policy and Warranty related information.

Pre-Delivery Inspection Forms
PDI forms in PDF format for all GM vehicles




Tools to support rental and commercial customers.

For Rental and Commercial customers to ground and provide required damage disclosure pertaining to repurchase vehicles they have returned after being taken out of service.

GM Inspection System
For Rental and Commercial customers to view 3rd party vehicle inspection information pertaining to repurchase vehicles they have returned after being taken out of service.

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Transformative change doesn’t happen overnight. Let us start you on the journey with the right people, asking the right questions.

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Transformative change doesn’t happen overnight. Let us start you on the journey with the right people, asking the right questions.