Stay in Control

No matter your fleet’s size or industry, OnStar Business Solutions gives
you a variety of ways to connect, protect and get the most out of it.

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Already have an OnStar Vehicle Insights * account?

Already have an OnStar Vehicle Insights* account?

Put OnStar * to Work

Managing a fleet or business operations is a lot. With OnStar Business Solutions, the power of your insights is at your fingertips.
Our technology assists in planning your fleet’s daily operation, protecting your people and assets, and even helps predict the future.

Always-on Safety

Help reduce accidents, promote positive driving behavior and help keep your vehicles secure with the technology that's been protecting drivers for over 25 years.

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Enhance Fleet Performance

Make turnkey management decisions and decrease downtime with actionable and predictive fleet-wide insights.

Seamless Connectivity

With embedded technology, over-the-air updates and cellular-powered connectivity, teams stay connected with minimal hassle.

Plan and Protect

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Insights Plan

Provide actionable insights to help optimize your fleet’s operations, allow remote vehicle management and equip drivers with in-vehicle coaching* for increased safety on the road. 

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Security Plan *

Help protect your people and assets with automatic crash detection*, stolen vehicle assistance*, turn-by-turn navigation* and roadside assistance* with on-the-go vehicle diagnostics* and remote door unlock.

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Bundle and Save

Combine the Insights and Security Plans together in the OnStar One Business Plus Plan and get the benefits and tools of both plans at an even better price.

Bundle and Save

When you combine the Insights and Security Plans together in the OnStar Business One Plus Plan, you get the benefits of both plans at an even better price. Get powerful technologies like Stolen Vehicle Assistance* and Driver Behavior tracking in one, affordable package.

Game-Changing Add-Ons

Insights DualCam

Equipping your fleet with this in-vehicle dashcam can not only assist you in protecting your business, your vehicles and your employees, but can help with mitigating financial liability. Plus, help encourage driver performance with live feedback during critical events.

Fleet Adapter

Managing a mixed fleet can be complicated – but it doesn’t have to be. With the Fleet Adapter* you can easily connect non-GM and older GM model vehicles into the Insights ecosystem, increasing efficiency and simplifying fleet diagnostics.*

Super Cruise

Super Cruise* is the first true hands-free driver assistance technology for compatible roads. It is now available on more GM vehicles than ever.

Wi-Fi® * Connectivity

Equip your drivers with in-vehicle internet access and enable seamless connectivity with our Wi-Fi and connectivity solutions.

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Smart Integration

We offer an extensive range of API services that can be integrated into the applications of a wide variety of telematic service providers and fleet management companies.

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OnStar Vehicle Insights Dealer

OnStar Vehicle Insights Dealer provides fully integrated technology to unlock automated inventory updates and better lot management with the convenience of an app. Maximize your dealership’s efficiency and provide your people with the tools to do more.

Let's Get
to Work.  

OnStar Business Solutions can help keep your fleet operation safe, connected and informed.

Let's Get to Work.

OnStar Business Solutions can help keep your fleet operation safe, connected and informed.