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Your efficiency revolution has just been delivered. GM Envolve was created to help provide greater customer experiences, optimize driver productivity and help solve scaling needs.

GM Envolve is defining
delivery solutions:

GM Envolve is defining
delivery solutions:

We’re helping to improve every aspect of the delivery journey by working to bring innovative technologies like electric delivery ecosystems, hydrogen-powered transit and autonomous delivery vehicles to market. 

Transforming Delivery Technologies


Next-Generation Delivery

Many businesses are trying to reach environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals*. GM Envolve has innovative products that can help businesses pursue their goals. 

BrightDrop products*

BrightDrop products*


Delivery Done Different

Our delivery solutions combine near real-time optimization with transformative technologies, making it easier to manage orders and help customers get what they need.

A Vehicle for Every Delivery Journey

BrightDrop Zevo

The all-electric Zevo delivery van has the range, cargo space, and payload to help increase productivity and minimize carbon footprint.

LCF Delivery Vehicle

With lots of choices, there’s a Low Cab Forward (LCF) truck that’s right for your workload.

Chevrolet Delivery Vans

The van that’s a staple of hard-working fleets is ready to give your business the flexibility to get the job done.

BrightDrop Trace Move

The Trace Move is optimizing the movement of goods and packages with electric propulsion, mobile asset management and easy maneuverability, all designed to create a more efficient delivery ecosystem.

BrightDrop Trace Grocery

The Trace Grocery was designed to make online order fulfillment more time and cost efficient through reduced touch points and increased ease of use for both the grocer and consumer.

Hydrogen-Powered Transit

Powering transit with renewable technology designed for heavy duty applications like rail and freight.


Connected Delivery

Our data-driven delivery solutions are designed to increase optimization and meet the increasing demands of today’s consumers.


Connecting People & Assets

Through autonomous technology and actionable data insights, our solutions can help create a more connected world and working environment.

The data
doesn’t lie

GM Envolve’s delivery solutions can help deliver goods faster and impact the metrics that matter most.


in expense savings
versus diesel alternatives*


decrease in time
to serve*


more packages handled
per day*


GM Envolve in Action

International Expansion

We’re helping some of the world’s largest logistics companies invest in smart, safe and efficient delivery infrastructure with fewer tailpipe emissions. 

Leading the "Charge"

By electrifying the last mile with solutions like BrightDrop Zevo vans, companies are leading the way and working to set bold carbon neutral goals. 

Less Waste With Trace

BrightDrop’s Trace Grocery is helping companies optimize order fulfillment and pickup for the growing online grocery market.  


Get in touch.

Transformative change doesn’t happen overnight. Let us start you on the journey with the right people, asking the right questions.

Questions? Get in touch.

Transformative change doesn’t happen overnight. Let us start you on the journey with the right people, asking the right questions.